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Welcome to The Women's Hair Loss Project Network! A community for women with hair loss. Here you will be able to create a profile, adding only the information you want to share. You can write your thoughts in your own blog, create photo albums, upload videos, add friends to your network and leave comments on other women's profiles. I hope the Network along with the Women's Hair Loss Project Blog lets women know they are not alone.
Hair Never Looked So Good - October 9, 2009
Notice: Please Do Not Create Duplicate Profile Accounts - 4/18/09
Just a notice to ask that users not create duplicate profiles within the network. If you are having issues with your account please email to obtain assistance. Thanks!
NOTICE - DO NOT Sell Your Products or Services Here -
NOTICE: To users signing up to join the network with the intention of selling a product, service, or to promote your own site, you have stumbled on the wrong network, it won't happen... not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Whether or not you personally benefit, posts, usernames, signatures and/or info in your profile or blogs, that name, promote or advertise free or commercial services, websites or products are considered to be advertising and will be immediately removed, and the user will have their account removed. Please do not waste your time misrepresenting yourself on the network. Be advised that the women in this network are looking out for each other, and I will always get notice from someone in the community that there is a questionable user online. Your account will be deleted, no questions asked. This is an ad-free network, a safe community for women with hair loss who are genuinely looking for answers and support. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Thank You.
40 minute(s) ago
sadmommy posted a comment on Bettyboop1217's blog entry:
I think this is such a great blog. who gives a crap about what people think.... do what makes you happy!!!!!
52 minute(s) ago
Bettyboop1217 posted a comment on the video Shaved my head:
You are so brave and strong. Watching your videos has helped me with my hair loss journey. Thank you for posting this.
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